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Join us in welcoming one our newest Health Messengers, Leslie Venema!

Health Messenger: Leslie Venema

Join us in welcoming one our newest Health Messengers, Leslie Venema! Clearly passionate about Special Olympics, Leslie joined in 6th grade and has stayed involved ever since which is almost 25 years! She participates in cross country skiing, basketball, bowling, and gymnastics. Leslie excels in cross country skiing and even competed at Special Olympics World Games in Austria in 2017. She says, “I am so thankful to have met new friends from around the world and I still keep in touch with them.”  One of her proudest moments was when she won gold at World Games. 

Leslie Venema completed her Health Messenger training in the Spring of 2021. Leslie’s Health Messenger practicum focused on encouraging other SOMI athletes to make healthy food choices, getting enough sleep, staying active, and more. She posted about tips on a Facebook group to inspire everyone to stay healthy. When reflecting on why she wanted to become a Health Messenger, Leslie said “I feel proud to have completed the Health Messenger training and am excited to help other athletes learn to be healthier and better understand how to create new healthy habits”. Her goals of inspiring athletes didn’t stop at her practicum; Leslie looks forward to continuing to share these health tips at Special Olympics Michigan events. 

When she isn’t busy being a health leader, Leslie works as a nanny and dog sitter. Leslie spreads so much joy to those around her and she said she “really loves her life”!

Congrats on becoming a Health Messenger, Leslie!