Vehicle Donation Program

Why donate my car, boat or RV to Special Olympics Michigan?

You can take advantage of a significant tax benefit on your tax return. Special Olympics Michigan is guaranteed at least 50% of the resale price of a donated car, boat or RV.

How can I donate my car, boat or RV?

Just call the 24-hour answering service: (313) 255-1000. A receptionist contracted for Special Olympics Michigan will ask you a few questions regarding your vehicle. Next, we will have a representative from Charity Motors, a Special Olympics Michigan corporate sponsor, get in touch with you to arrange a pick-up date. The Charity Motors representative who picks up your vehicle will give you a donation receipt for tax purposes. It's that easy!

How will Special Olympics Michigan benefit?

Through our corporate sponsorship with Charity Motors, we evaluate the vehicle for possible resale on Charity Motors' used car lot. If we sell a vehicle, Special Olympics Michigan receives a minimum of 50% of the sale price. If the vehicle cannot be resold, Special Olympics Michigan receives a minimum of $36 per car, boat or RV.

When will my vehicle be picked up?

Through our corporate sponsorship with Charity Motors, a representative from Charity Motors will pick up donated vehicles in most parts of Southeastern Michigan, Southwest Michigan and Southcenteral Michigan. Generally, vehicles in the Detroit and Kalamazoo regions are picked up within 72 hours. Vehicles outside of these regions will be picked up when there is at least one other vehicle ripe for donation in that general vicinity.

Does Special Olympics Michigan accept commercial vehicles, too?


Thank you for your donation! It is our pleasure to partner with you to support Special Olympics Michigan!

For more information, please email Andrea Rachko or call 586.731.0922.